Dzongkhag Election sector, Bumthang

An Independent Election Management Body under the leadership of Dzongkhag Election Authority.


  • Conduct Free and Fair Election on Parliamentary Election, Local Government Election, Bye-Election and Vacant Demkhong Election in the Dzongkhag
  • Mature Partnership with other Dzongkhag sectors and Regional Offices within
  • A roster of professional and reliable election officials on call at all the times
  • Maintains voter friendly to deliver the electoral services
  • Dynamic and independent decision-making and management system in the Dzongkhag level
  • Research for Informed decision
  • Optimum ICT enable electoral system
  • Strong civic and voter education programme in the Dzongkhag
  • Clear, Consistent and precise By-Laws
  • A credible Electoral Roll for the Dzongkhag


  • Carry out any electoral activities in an unbiased, professional and truthful manner
  • Well-trained, competent and confident team motivated to serve at any and all times
  • Taking full responsibility and standing answerable for its decisions and actions
  • Engaging with all stakeholders and carrying out the electoral process and operations in the most transparent manner
  • Deserving of the confidence and trust of all voters and others stakeholders for the consistent high standard of its services
  • Upholds the principles of Equality, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Rule of Law as enshrined in the Constitution and Electoral Laws
  • Operate freely in its own best judgment without any interference