Vision: A healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations in pursuit of Gross National Happiness.

Mission: To conserve and protect environment of Bumthang Dzongkhag through Dzongkhag Environment Committee as one of the Competent Authorities under  National Environment Commission which act as an independent apex body on all matters relating to environment.


The District Environment Committee is the competent authority to make decisions on all the matters relating to the protection, conservation and improvement of the natural environment at the Dzongkhag level.

The mandate of the District Environment Committee is to:

1. Administer the provisions of the Environmental Assessment Act, 2000 and its Regulations;

2. Screen, Review, Process and Issue Environmental Clearances (EC) as per the List of Activities that the Competent Authorities shall screen and Issue Environmental Clearances;

3. Monitoring of compliance with regulations established under this Act;

4. Providing guidance to other agencies and stakeholders concerning actions required to achieve environmental protection objectives, including specific measures for compliance with environmental clearances;

5. Monitoring of compliance with environmental clearances and other regulations established under National Environment Protection Act 2007, Environmental Assessment Act 2000 and its Regulation and other relevant laws;

6. Ensure implementation of planned activities/programs of the section.