21 August 2018


The Annual BSA General Meeting was held on 20/08/2018 at Bumthang Dzongkhag DYT Hall,
chaired by the BSA President. The meeting was held with the following aims;

  • To have better management and coordination among the BSA member secretaries.
  • To promote all sports.
  • To promote healthy life in a sustained environment through sporting activities.
  • To provide individual a chance to participate in sporting events.
  • Develop Grassroots level sports.

As per the BSA charter “Tenures of Offices” the meeting voted and elected the members for various post (BSA Secretary, Treasurer and Member secretaries).
The BSA President advised all the member secretaries present to be more active to promote healthy environment through sports and further development of all sports in Bumthang Dzongkhag.

“Journey towards Beautiful Bumthang”