Birth Anniversary

In order to celebrate the 1st Birth Anniversary of His Royal Highness Gyalsey Ugyen Wangchuck, the Dzongkhag undertook the renovation of the “Ngyer-chen Mani Dang-rim” at Debjong, Sang-sang-ma village under Chokhor gewog and further seven birds were freed on Tshe-thar.
Ngyer-chen Mani Dang-rim”- was selected for this day because it was considered to be built during the reign of the 1st King of Bhutan by Ngyerchen Gyenpo of Jakar Yuley Namgyel Dzong as per the oral sources of the community. The Mani Dzangrim was unfortunately vandalized in the year 2020. The Dzongkhag initiated the restoration works without altering the original design, and installed 8 inch Zangmar Chenrizig as the main nang-ten along with other religious artifacts and cereals.
Tshe-thar of Seven Birds” – Seven birds were freed (Tshe-thar) at Sangsangma under Chokhor gewog signifying the symbol of offering “Rinchen-na-duen”. Since it was the first birth anniversary it was felt necessary by the Dzongkhag to mark each celebration with rightful meanings and essence within our beliefs. The birds were blessed with prayers and handed over to Aum Rinchen Peldon of the same locality for care.
Sang-sang-ma village was chosen because the place was blessed by Guru Rinpoche during his first visit. It is beleived that Guru Rinpoche while passing through this village sought something to eat from an old lady who was residing in a shabby house, the lady offered liquor (bang-chang) which quenched his thirst, thus the village was named as “Sang-sang-ma” thereafter.
The day was significant enough as the Dzongkhag witnessed halo (jhaa) around the sun during the entire process and this literally highlights the day’s auspiciousness, hence with folded hands the Dzongkhag wished for the health, happiness and long life of our Gyalsey.