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Dolam Bumthang Dolam Dzongkha

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Environment Clearance Application Forms

1. IEE Form for Forestry Activities 2. IEE Form for General 3. IEE Form for Hydro-power Projects 4. IEE Form for Industry 5. IEE Form for Mining 6. IEE Form for Power Transmission 7. IEE Form for Roads 8. IEE Form for Tourism 9. Project Prospectus for Bridges 10. Project Prospectus for River Training Works …

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>To download or view form click : PMS (Performance Management System) Form REQUISITION FORM No due Certificate Leave Encashment form Supply order- catering Note for Sanction of Expenditure TADA Form VEHICLE REQUISITION FORM STATEMENT OF FUEL COMSUMPTION TOUR REPORT FORM

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